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I Wholeheartedly Recommend Four Rings Performance

“Having recently moved to the Agoura Hills area, one of my top priorities was to find a reputable independent Audi mechanic to service my car. An internet search turned up Four Rings Performance, and based on the positive reviews I scheduled a service. The result was an exceptional experience meeting Brian and having him perform the necessary maintenance on my car. Brian is knowledgeable, professional, and reasonable in his pricing. He is easy to talk to and I would trust him with any aspect of my car’s maintenance. I wholeheartedly recommend Four Rings Performance to anyone looking for outstanding Audi service in the Conejo Valley area.“
– Robert G., Agoura Hills, CA / 5 Stars Google Profile


Rare to Find an Honest, Qualified & Trustworthy Mechanic!

“We were referred to Brian by a friend who continues to bring his vehicles to Brian, and is so happy with his work. Our Audi needed what ended up being a very costly repair due to the price of the part, and Brian went above and beyond to save us as much money as he could while getting the job done properly. He called and updated us, and took great care of our vehicle while it was at his shop. There were no surprise costs or issues, he quoted us, worked super hard on the repair, and charged us what was originally agreed upon and promised. Rare to find an honest, qualified, trustworthy and talented mechanic who runs a tight ship and has great customer service. Thanks Brian, appreciate it very much!“
– Jani C., Westlake Village, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


A Very Knowledgeable Mechanic

“I brought in my 2013 VW Tiguan with a number of red/yellow engine lights and malfunction steering rack. Brian has his own methodology he took his time to diagnose and then gave me the options of how to fix the car with his recommendations. I appreciated Brian honesty and patience. A very knowledgeable Audi/Volkswagen mechanic and a nice straightforward guy what can you ask for more. Thank you Brian!“
– Gil L., Woodland Hills CA / 5 Stars Yelp


I Couldn’t Recommend Four Rings Enough

“I had purchased a 2013 Audi that had a lot more issues than I was expecting (see my previous review). I brought it in to Brian at Four Rings and got a quote significantly lower than dealer service pricing. I left my car there for about a week and got my car back in great shape and plan to bring it in for any of my future service needs. If you have an Audi or VW that needs any kind of service, I couldn’t recommend Four Rings enough.“
– Jason W., West Hills, USA / 5 Stars Yelp


Saved Money In Spite of Price Hikes

“I’m am so happy that I found this gem closer to my place. I still have the extended warranty for my 2016 A6, so going to the dealership may seem like a good option. But the convenience of not having to wait for a long time to get an appointment, not to mention the amount of money you can save, especially with all the price hike for almost everything. Brian has great experience with Audi’s and VW’s. He over delivers and very honest in terms of what needs to be done and what can wait. I’m excited to have another Audi as my next car now that I found a local independent shop who really cares.“
– Joey R., Los Angeles, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Brian Is The Real Deal

“Brian is the real deal: reliable, conscientious and above all straightforwardly honest with necessary repairs. A dollar of Brian’s diagnostic prevention will save you a payload of future repairs.“
– Wayne H., CA / 5 Stars Google My Business


I Definitely Recommend

“I’ve dutifully taken my Audi to the Authorized Audi Dealership in Oxnard where I bought it for the last 5 years for all manner of service. After the last two visits to the dealership where I was told I needed several thousands of dollars of “maintenance”. I questioned whether the dealership was just trying to squeeze me for as much money as possible without regard for whether these repairs were necessary.  So I took my car to Four Rings to get an opinion as to whether I needed those repairs and the recommended maintenance.

Turns out my suspicions were confirmed. Brian walked me through what the dealership was trying to sell me (literally going under another Audi to show me) and why the repairs might be necessary in the future but that they were not necessary now.  Plus, I got my routine maintenance performed at a better price than the dealership from a certified Audi mechanic.“
– Lou L., Canoga Park, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / Oct 2021


Reliable and Honest Work!

“Brian was very responsive, competent and fair in his approach to fixing our 2010 Audi A4 (110K miles). He gave me a fair price for a lot of work to fix an engine leak while taking into account my desire to not pour more money into this car than it may be worth. He also performed the same 30K service on my wife’s Porsche Macan that would have cost me twice as much at a dealer. Highly recommend Four Rings for reliable and honest work!“
– Dan W., Calabasas, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / Sept 2021


Better Than The Dealership!

“Amazing service at an affordable price! He was fast and much better than the dealership. I’m a life long customer now!“
– Gehrin O., Thousand Oaks, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / Sept 2021


Brian is Awesome!

“Brian is awesome. He was so helpful. It was a bit chaotic that day as a critter ate some wires and the car was dead overnight. After our usual mechanic was not available, I took a chance. Saw great reviews and he is a VW expert so we had roadside service take the car there. So glad we did. Treated us with respect and was very accommodating. He got the car up and running and while it was there we had a he regular maintenance done. Highly recommend him.“
– KrrFam, CA / Google My Business 5 Stars / July 2021


Thank You Four Rings Performance!

“I bought a used car that I knew would eventually need some work, so I took it to the dealership for an assessment and was given a list of things that were wrong with the car and a very high price to fix all of these issues. Knowing I couldn’t afford what the dealer quoted me to fix the car, I decided to shop around. I called Four Rings Performance and was given a quote for all of the repairs that was a fraction of the cost of what the dealership would have charged me, along with an explanation of each part the car needed and what it does (I really appreciated this education because I know very little about cars). I took some time to save up, made an appointment and then a week later was able to pick up my car, which needed several different new parts. The car runs great now! Thank you Four Rings Performance!”
— Bella S., Los Angeles, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / August 2021


3 Audi Dealerships Couldn’t Help

“Brian is quick to answer any questions and is highly experienced. He helped me with a front brake noise issue the same day on my Audi TT that 3 Audi dealerships couldn’t help me fix. Highly recommended.”
— Kirk K., San Francisco, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / June 2021


Takes Time to Do the Job Right

“Brian takes his time to do the job right. My car runs great, I’m permanently going back to him for my vehicle upkeep.”
— Melissa L., CA / 5 Stars Google My Business / May 2021


I will only go to Four Rings Performance for my service needs

“Brian is an experienced factory trained Audi & Volkswagen senior technician. He services all vehicles. A referral sent me to him for service of my Chevrolet C7 Corvette. I had brakes, oil change and some engine issue resolved. Brian provided personal & professional service timely and at a substantial savings over other repair centers. I had a very good experience. I highly recommend them. I will only go to Four Rings Performance for my service needs. Good location with easy access just off the 101 freeway.”
— Cary C., CA / 5 Stars Google My Business / Mar. 2021


Highly Recommended

“Brian was fantastic! He not only serviced my daughter Subaru but my sons Ford. He is very knowledgable, honest, and great to work with. He even brought one of the cars across the way to Tire Man for me because he noticed it need a couple of tires. I highly recommend any one take their car there.”
— Carol H., CA / 5 Stars Google My Business / Mar. 2021


This Guy Knows His Audis

“Brian was quick to respond to my online question and I was able to get in the next day. Upon meeting him, I was glad to know that this guy knows Audis. After inspecting my car, he called with some affordable options. Feels good to have a local Audi mechanic that is not the dealership. I have been taken for way too much from the local dealership and will continue to use Four Rings in the future.”
— Anthony R., Moorpark, CA / 5 Stars Yelp / Jan. 2021


Will Recommend to Friends

“Took my 2015 VW in for a water pump and thermostat housing replacement and Brian got all the parts needed and installed them in a very timely manner. Communication was good and he answered my questions and concerns throughout the process. I would take my car back here for future services and will recommend him to friends.”
— David P., CA / 5 Stars Google My Biz


Great Service
“Great Service. Great guy, so accommodating.”
— Stuart M., CA / 5 Stars Google My Biz


Solid & Dependable Audi Mechanic

“Brian is the absolute best! I’ve been searching for a solid and dependable mechanic to take my Audi to for service as I am sick and tired of dealerships costs/headaches. I’m so glad I was referred to Four Rings Performance and Brian. Great service and such a pleasant experience! Will be back again for next service.”
— Justin S., Woodland Hills, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Brian Is a Great Mechanic!

“… Very knowledgeable, upfront and fair. He repaired my BMW 530i fuel leak, oil change and new brakes and rotors for $150 less than quoted from other repair shops. If your car needs some love and care, take it to Four Rings Performance. Great shop!”
— Richard T., CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Brian’s The Best

“This is hands down the best shop I’ve gone To. He fixed my Audi s5 and was very quick and efficient. Will 100% be going back for all my automotive needs! Brians the best.”
— Cambron L., Rancho Cordova, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Great Shop Fair Prices

“Brian is an awesome dude that knows his Audi’s… You get dealer quality work for a fair price. I have two Audi’s and will keep bringing them here for sure. A+”
— Alex S., Los Angeles, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Under New Ownership

“I came to the shop last week and wanted to talk to the manager Larry. To my surprise, a young gentleman by the name of Brian came and introduced himself and said he is the owner now. I brought my Audi and wanted Brian to fix my car, he was very courteous and professional – gave me an estimated time for when my car will be fixed… the shop looked very clean and tidy, easy to locate right off the freeway (Chessboro). If you have an Audi or a Volkswagen or any German car come see Brian May!!!”
— Adi N., Northridge, Los Angeles, CA / 5 Stars Yelp


Most Trusted Shop for Audi & VW

“Four Rings Performance is my most trusted shop for Audi and Volkswagen service. Brian has been servicing Audi since 2005 and was a master Audi Tech at the dealership before he opened his own shop. Not only is Brian an experience and talented mechanic, he is also an honest and diligent man. I refer Four Rings Performance with the highest confidence.”
— Warren, Oak Park, CA


Recommend This Shop to Audi Owners in LA Area

“I recently bought a 2017 Audi A3 e-tron, and this shop was recommended to me for newer Audis because the owner worked as a dealer mechanic until recently, which would mean he’s more knowledgeable about newer Audis than most. When I bought the car from Carmax, I brought it to him for inspection, because if he found problems with it I could still return it to Carmax within 7 days. The inspection was $145 and he found that the brake fluid was dirty, but overall the car was in good shape. I was able to tell Carmax about the brake fluid and they changed it for me free of charge, so essentially my inspection at Four Rings Performance has already paid for itself.

What’s more, the owner was incredibly generous with his time over the phone while I was still researching the car, and when I came in for the inspection he was prompt, fair, and friendly. I would definitely recommend this shop to any Audi owners in the LA area, and will be coming back for any needs that arise with the car..”
— Alon K., Culver City, CA | 5 Stars Google My Business


Quoted Me Less Than 2/3rds of the Dealership Price

“I took my 2015 BMW m235i to Brian at Four Rings Performance for a brake job. The BMW dealership wanted an obscene amount of money for the job, well over 1,000 dollars. I also visited a local BMW independent mechanic for a quote. That quote was so close to the dealership price that I decided to pass and to try and find another shop where the prices were less insane. A friend told me about Four Rings Performance in Agoura Hills. They’re new and they specialize in German cars – especially sports sedans like Audis, VW’s and BMW’s. Brian, the very knowledgeable owner, quoted me less than 2/3rds of the dealership price for the job. I had the immediate feeling that Brian cares about his customers, and he loves cars and working on them. That is NOT the case at the dealerships.

Brian recommended a brand of aftermarket brakes that he felt were superior to the original equipment, and less expensive. As it turns out, he was right. The car now stops far, far better than it did with the original BMW brakes. The work was done quickly and professionally.  The car was ready when he said it would be. No surprises, other than how well the car was repaired. In addition, I felt like Brian really cared about my car.  He took the time to talk to me about a sensible maintenance schedule for the BMW.  Unlike most dealerships, Four Rings now knows my car from stem to stern. I absolutely plan to have all my maintenance and repair work done by Four Rings Performance in the future.”
— Anne R., Thousand Oaks, CA | 5 Stars at Yelp


100% Highly Recommended!

“I was referred by a friend to take my Audi to Brian at Four Rings Performance and so glad I did. He was so friendly, professional, honest, and his pricing was great! I trust him with my car and he goes above and beyond to take care of everything. 100% highly recommended!
— Chris L., Los Angeles, CA | 5 Stars at Google My Business

Four Rings Performance

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