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Four Rings Performance (in Agoura Hills, CA) is here for you when you need us most. If your vehicle isn’t running right, or starts making funny noises, you can put your trust in us for the best computer diagnostics and troubleshooting care available. Our highly trained technicians will help find answers quickly, estimate the repair costs, and repair the problems… and all at below what this would cost at a dealership!

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Today’s Audi and VW vehicles are so complex and technical, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem without the proper automotive diagnostic equipment and expertise. At Four Rings Performance, we operate advanced computerized diagnostic equipment that connects with your vehicle’s on-board computer system and outputs any diagnostic trouble codes.

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When The “Check Engine Light” Comes On

Your vehicle is comprised of several complex systems. Your engine light coming on could happen for a number of reasons. The computer that operates the engine takes in data from many sensors and controls, and also from the fuel delivery and ignition systems. A light coming on doesn’t mean you need to pull your car over immediately. But it is recommended that you get your vehicle checked as soon as possible, so you don’t end up having extensive damage to expensive engine components.

Here’s a list of common engine performance symptoms:

  • Fuel cap is loose or missing
  • Battery is low or dead
  • Ignition system failure
  • Bad spark plugs or wires
  • O2 (oxygen sensor) needs replacing
  • Poor acceleration
  • Rough idling or engine knocking
  • Transmission or ABS issues
  • Computer output circuit issues
  • Overheating

Component Protection

When we replace a control module or computer on your Audi or Volkswagen, we have the ability to carry out a procedure which is called Component Protection.  We do this with a  diagnostic scan tool, and like the new car key programming, usually only the dealerships offer this service.  But Four Rings Performance offers this service as well!

Program New Car Keys

One extra service we provide, that is usually only available from dealerships, is to program new car keys.

Our Repair Services & Prices

One of the most common services booked at Four Rings Performance is for our computer diagnostics and troubleshooting. Once we diagnose your vehicle’s issue, we provide you an upfront quote. With over 15 years of experience, we can fix almost any problem correctly, the first time. Our many valued customers count on it!

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Contact Brian at our independent shop in Agoura Hills, CA at (818) 889-1245 or  Click to email here us.

Great Customer Reviews

“Think his name is Brian but don’t recall.He is really good mechanic. Had my 2013 VW GTI at the ventura dealership, they took like 4 days trying to diagnose my check engine light. Brian was able to figure it out in less than a day. Prices is way better. He saved me like 2k. Only paid 400 bucks. Highly recommend this shop. Especially if you have a VW. Drove from Oxnard. Best trip I ever made. Come here before you go to the dealership.”
– Martin O., Oxnard, CA / 5 Stars Google My Profile

“Four Rings Performance is my most trusted shop for Audi and Volkswagen service. Brian has been servicing Audi since 2005 and was a master Audi Tech at the dealership before he opened his own shop. Not only is Brian an experienced and talented mechanic, he is also an honest and diligent man. I refer Four Rings Performance with the highest confidence.”
– Warren, Oak Park, CA / 5 Stars Yelp

“Brian was quick to respond to my online question and I was able to get in the next day. Upon meeting him, I was glad to know that this guy knows Audis. After inspecting my car, he called with some affordable options. Feels good to have a local Audi mechanic that is not the dealership. I have been taken for way too much from the local dealership and will continue to use Four Rings in the future.”
– Anthony R., Moorpark, CA / 5 Stars Yelp

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